23 July 2014


This past weekend saw the inaugural Field & Foundry event – a series of dinners bringing together makers + creatives in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Hosted by Laicie Heeley of A Thousand Threads + photographer Melissa Hope (and presented in partnership with Bing, West Elm, Artifact Uprising, and more), the night was unbelievably beautiful, and I was honored to be included.

With the mission statement of "bringing creatives to the table," about twenty of us headed into Virginia farmland for incredible food, wine, and getting to know our tablemates. It was a blast to catch up with friends –  Christine of Young Frankk, A Daily Something's Rebecca, Joy of Mornings Like These, and more – and to make a few new ones, as well.

The night ended with a discussion led by Trouvé Mag founder Amanda Marko (she is a PEACH, you guys, and wildly talented. I'm a big fan of Volume 1) about all things C R E A T I V E  P R O J E C T, and it was refreshing to hear input + points of view from people whose work + creative contributions not only ran the gamut, but who were based in places other than DC. Also the night ended with a spread of BAKED GOODS from Laicie + her husband's Dough Uprising. I basically floated home on a piece of cherry pie.

Huge thanks to Field & Foundry for having me – they've got two more dinners planned for 2014, and you can keep an eye on the project via their Instagram and website. More photos after the jump!

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22 July 2014


Kitchen Sink No. 25
Jennifer Jeremias
Nashville, Tennessee
photo by Hannah Messinger

I met Jennifer Jeremias what feels like a million years ago when she was living in DC; a jewelry designer and metalsmith (with some seriously amazing forays into all things vintage + flea market), her work is statement-making, her style is unmistakably hers, and her Instagram feed is a personal fave. She's since moved to Nashville, TN – above, her perfect, perfectly blue kitchen sink.

the Kitchen Sink Series, here.



21 July 2014


To say my alarm went off at dawn this morning would perhaps be overly generous; the light wasn't so much grey as it was nonexistent. It's not my usual Monday steez, but my project list was long, and by the time this posts I'll be field-tripping on an NYC-bound bus, hopefully having checked off all of the Things That Needed To Get Done, and maybe even having managed to eat lunch.

And when lunch is mere possibility, breakfast, then, becomes desperate necessity. And while your to-do list is screaming at you to just shove a spoon into an almond butter jar and get on with your life, there's something about the sun not quite being all the way up that signs a permission slip for the preheating of an oven, the careful halving of a white Summer peach, and the slow stirring of a French press. LUXURIES, all, and ones that can be accomplished half-asleep, and in sweatpants.

Roasted until soft and flecked with sea salt, crushed red pepper, and fresh cilantro, these take a different route than, say, their cinnamon or agave-covered friends (with the added bonus of any leftovers able to be thrown into salads/sammies/pizzas/etc). And if your having G O R G E D on beautiful cheeses and homemade sourdough this weekend doesn't preclude you from carbohydrate; dairy participation for the foreseeable future, you can keep on keeping on with the luxuries by smearing a homemade, Dough Uprising baguette with Greek yogurt before topping with spoonfuls of warm peaches. Maybe you'll do it anyways. It's gonna be a long one.


2 White Peaches, halved and pitted
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1/4 White Wine (anything you've got floating around the fridge will be fine)
Flaked Sea Salt and Crushed Red Pepper, to taste

1. Preheat oven to 350º. Place the peaches, insides facing up, in a small baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with sea salt and red pepper, to taste.
2. Bake for 12 minutes, then pour the white wine overtop.
3. Bake 10-15 minutes longer, until soft enough to cut into with a spoon (or, you know, to desired softness). Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly, then top with cilantro and serve.


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20 July 2014


a gift from my friend Emily, this handmade mug is bringing me ALL the weekend joy.



18 July 2014


one. Molly grew up with Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. “They are very close friends of mine and have been for the last 15 years,” Molly explains. “The minute I got engaged, they said they would love to design my wedding dress." OH, ALSO: During the meal, Molly’s godmother, Stevie Nicks, gave a toast and then a surprise performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” OK, MOLLY FISHKIN. YOU WIN. via Vogue.

two. So stoked to teach Blog Basics on Sunday! A consulting sesh in a classroom environment, the workshop is discussion-based with an emphasis on accessibility and DIY tactics. It's for anyone looking to further their brand footprint/streamline their personal blog systems – just two seats left! Jump on in.

three. Big thanks to the Washington Post for including Wild Hand Workspace in Tuesday's Style section. We're beyond appreciative of the write up (and I think I owe photographer Astrid Reicken my first-born for the accompanying photo).