20 May 2015


I'm usually a sounds-of-the-city, sans-earbuds kind of kid when I'm getting around, but we've been living car-free since January, and since spending way more time on the Metro getting between my house and studio, I'm slowly become a Spotify addict during my day-to-day transportation times. Between the hot weather and who knows what else, I've found myself scanning my college-era brain-files for all songs familiar and C H I L L . I'll now direct you towards the year 2005 and Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crow album: 70s-vibed to the max and tropicalia-tinged, it's a fun listen (and one you can put on repeat, if and when the Red line is single-tracking and you find yourself logging time on a platform).



19 May 2015


Emily and I found an afternoon, a few weekends ago, to MAKE GOOD on getting together more often – the weather was amazing, she'd made a GALETTE, and I'd found myself with a collection of spirits by Art in the Age and a ton of peonies courtesy Whole Foods; really, there was no reason not to combine forces and throw ourselves a little party.

re: galette – how insanely gorgeous did that turn out? Emily is a baked goods genius and the recipe is up at her Nothing In The House blog. If you found your way here from there then I believe you were promised cocktail recipes, and so I'll skip the part where I go on and on about that cornmeal crust situation and get directly to the SNAP and ROOT portions of this exercise.

I'd first tried Art in the Age last Summer, at Mutiny's dinner on the C&O Canal. Their spirits are right up my alley – H E R B A L and in need of very little nudges: a simple syrup here; a citrus addition there – they're perfecto for the purposes of Summer entertaining, and Emily and I mixed + chilled both a SNAP + ginger beer and a ROOT Old Fashioned, to which we added a little whiskey and some homemade cardamom bitters she had on hand (because she's Emily, and things like that just exist in her refrigerator). We hung outside for as long as our allergies would allow (#nerds) and moved things indoor to C H E E R S all things Spring, and to Art in the Age and Whole Foods P Street for giving us such a lovely afternoon. More with Emily next month!


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18 May 2015


S A T U R D A Y  N I G H T at the Shark Week album release show at Dance Loft on 14 (w/Mitchell's band, Loud Boyz, and Desert Sharks, Witch Coast, and Daddy Likey) – this was a much-needed, out late, wine-out-of-a-plastic-cup kind of night and I slept til almost ten on Sunday and it was like my AURA CHANGED COLOR. It's been a kooky few weeks of work and not a lot of time for goofing off, which you kind of forget is a necessary part of being an adult human. Here's to being back at it, and to the Monday grind in general.

W O R K  H A R D / G O O F  T R O O P  (new tattoo?)

more photos: here.